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The story so far...

The business was originally one of providing visiting Book-keeping and Invoicing services to small businesses on and around Merseyside.

An employee at Mr.D's Blinds Emporium in Ormskirk mentioned a friend's need for a 'Stocktaker' at a Club in Southport. This sounded interesting; lots of time was available, and additional income would be welcome.

The meeting with Brian H. at the Tropicana Club provided a brief explanation of what was required, and the Duck took to Water. The first income from 'Stocktaking' was received 2nd.September 1964.

A year later and the smallest Club in Britain had been added, plus a dozen or more full-sized establishments of various types. The 'Private Stocktaker' role was discovered, and eyes were opened.

Going 'Private' was a temporary adventure, abandoned as further clients were accumulated. By 1970 an Office and Employees had been added. Onward and Upwards seemed inevitable.

A decade later a peak was reached. A dozen staff, a hundred clients including regional breweries and local authorities, providing some memorable moments and valuable insights.

However, the endless round of Company takeovers, re-organisations, and cost-cutting resulted in the bursting of our bubble. Being hired as a contractor had seemed a major coup. Having geared up to cope, reversing the process was less than pleasurable for all involved. Also, and even more importantly, the landscape had changed. The 'Licensed Trade' had entered a period of decline which continues to this day. Myriad social clubs were discovering that their founders' enthusiasm and energy had not been passed down to later generations. Other attractions were syphoning off their customers, and the struggle to survive led to many casualties. This process also continues. The 'Pubco' had arrived, and the publican able to make his or her own decisions had all but disappeared.

Clear writing being on the wall, a return to basics has ensured our own survival. We hope that a reliance on quality of service, plus innovations in our reporting, will continue to satisfy our existing clients. Also hopefully attract new ones!