Unsure about something?

Second Opinion?

Check stocks, investigations, examinations undertaken. If you have doubts about the stock results supplied by your existing Stockaker, either that they are always 'good', or that the count takes an impossibly short time, please contact us. A few pertinant questions will probably confirm whether there could be a problem. Better safe than sorry.

If your Stocktaker's practice is to count the stock, collect the paperwork, then leave before any figures are calculated, there is every chance that the figures ultimately produced will contain inaccuracies. Count-and-go can be short on time on site, but also short on credibility. Every stocktake raises a query, and unless that query is settled, a problem will remain undetected.

In these circumstances, if you seldom receive a post-stocktake question, it is likely that figures supplied to you are flawed. Our recommendation would be to create a simple test for the Stocktaker by providing inaccurate takings records, omitting a purchase document, or ensuring that some goods are hidden prior to the stock count. Such ploys should create havoc with the calculations; if no exasperated 'phone call is received, and results are supplied as normal some days later, your test will have been worthwhile.