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Stocktaking - Our main activity

We undertake regular stocktaking at all types of Licensed premises.

Results on-site. Queries resolved before Stocktaker's departure.

Printed summary report left with client, final comprehensive printed Report forwarded next working day.

Intervals to suit the circumstances and budget, but don't ask for longer than quarterly!

Variance, conventional or hybrid reports depending on data available. Variance is best, using data from itemising cash registers to show individual item surpluses and deficits.

Recorded till income reconciled with actual takings.

Computation of expected and actual surplus from use of brim measures.

Cost of allowances shown for waste.

Gross Margins overall and for each item and group of related items.

Full listing of all incoming goods.

Full listing of till sales and write-offs.

Full listing of any menu items used showing allocation of the components of mixed drinks.

Selling and Cost price reviews.

Full list of source documents used.

Accumulating History.

Line Clean claims shown in detail.

Year-end Valuation Certificate free of charge.

Printed Stock Report with pdf file if required.

Free telephone number for queries. We do answer both the call and the query!.

Help, Advice and Prodding offered where required.

Charges based on average time on-site plus cost of travel. Prepared customer = lower charge.