A view from outside

Why bother ?

Stocktaking! Another expense! We can't afford it!

If you keep your Draught waste to under 2% of your beer purchases value..AND..if you always serve your pints at the legal minimum measure of 95% full...AND...if all lost, donated, pilfered, broken or out-of-date goods amount to less than 1% of your purchases have achieved the target that we would set you. But how do you know with certainty that all of these ambitions have been achieved? Do you carry out the calculations necessary to prove the point?

The reality is that in the overwhelming majority of cases, performance suffers because Management do not have the necessary facts and figures. Without a truly detailed analysis of stock transactions, it is inevitable that losses of goods, either taken or supplied without payment, will remain undetected. Poor performance in the cellar or at point-of-sale will remain undetected. The extra profit potential of free-flow dispense will be lost. Misuse of your cash registers will remain hidden. Our figures will supply all the information needed to monitor these vital percentages, using the output from your itemising cash registers.

To attain the maximum profitability, Management must take notice of figures submitted, and take immediate remedial action whenever required. The nature of the Licensed Trade is that a finger must be placed on the pulse at all times. The Patient can take a rapid turn for the worse if neglected.