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We provide visiting Bar Stocktaking services throughout the North-West of England, Staffordshire to the Scottish Border.

Our speciality is Bar Stocktaking at the most cost-effective intervals for the client, usually monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.

We give an on-site stock result, resolving any queries before leaving. A printed provisional report on-site is followed by a full final Report a day or two later.

We provide variance style reports utilising data from itemising cash registers. This style of reporting is essential for proper stock control. Itemising provides invaluable information only where the till programming is fit for purpose. We advise of any re-programming required and can often help with such changes. There is absolutely no requirement to spend a fortune on hardware, most 'epos' systems having features which will never be used, and complexities which most inexpert users would steer well clear of. All we need is an end-of-period report, on paper or in file format.

Many of our clients are Members Clubs, which vary widely in their need for assistance. Often staff or management bring little or no experience to their jobs; we are always prepared to offer advice and guidance, particularly in stock control and purchasing matters.

We have much experience with Pubs, Night Clubs and other Entertainment Venues operated on a proprietorial basis. The detail we provide here is of vital importance in achieving appropriate yields.

The cost of our service is based on time taken plus travelling costs. Time taken depends on a number of factors, all under the control of the customer. The more efficient and organised, the smaller the outlay.

We use electronic beer-measuring equipment to allow accurate assessment of the contents of sealed barrels.

All figures provided are able to withstand the closest audit. What you get is what it is, though not necessarily what you want to hear.

We like our clients to understand the figures we provide. Questions always welcomed and answered.

We have traded as 'Licensed Trade Stocktaking' since 1967. We bought our first computer in September 1976 at a cost of £13510 plus 8% VAT. The initial software was soon scrapped; a frantic search for Cobol tuition resulted in a 'Eureka' moment, followed by years of refining our offering into today's end product.

If you have a stock related problem, query or need, please allow us to help. You can make a no-obligation enquiry by telephone to...

0800 083 8730

...or by email from HERE

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